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Elham Peyfoon - Career Coach in London

I am a life and leadership coach but you know that, so let’s delve a little deeper. My work is an extension of my values and I’d like to tell you how I found my vocation or rather, how it found me.I grew up in Iran and watched my father manage and grow his business of manufacturing medical diagnostic kits with curiosity and admiration. He inspired me through his strong, compassionate leadership style at home and at work. I was always ‘in training’ to take over the business and my father taught me about people management, communication and planning and nurtured my deep love of science.

During my studies for my first degree in Microbiology, I worked as a part-time production manager. I found deep satisfaction in motivating and leading the team to improve their performance and achieve higher goals and I was keenly aware that for my team to perform to their full potential they required inspiration and training.  

Excited by the prospect of a fresh start in a country full of opportunity, my husband and I came to the UK. I completed an MSc at Liverpool John Moores University and when he, a newly qualified doctor, was offered a post in Scotland, I enrolled at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow to complete a PhD in Biomedical Science.

Elham Peyfoon - Transformational Coach
Elham Peyfoon - Team Coaching

Half way through my PhD, poised to take the reins of the family business, we were forced to face a catastrophic new reality. International sanctions were placed on Iran and along with my father, I was compelled to reassess my plans for the future as our business that relied heavily on international trade was forced to close. For my family, and millions like us, the personal and professional consequences of this political bombshell were devastating.

The loss of my father’s business, and with it our plans for the future, felt insurmountable but I knew that the only way to approach this new and uncertain destiny was to face it head on.

I had to examine the prospect of life without the business and explore other avenues.

Completing the PhD was incredibly challenging, particularly with uncertainty and sadness as a backdrop to every study session. With very few obvious career prospects relating to the qualification, I had to harness the lessons learnt from the journey itself. I had to dig deep to unearth every iota of self-belief in order to trust in my true self and it became abundantly clear that accomplishment would only arise when I began to understand the true value hidden within me.

Elham Peyfoon - Leadership Coach
Elham Peyfoon - Leadership Coach

Throughout this period of change, I was motivated by a need to move forward and to create a new future after my security was snatched away. There was an ever-present fear within me, fuelled by a longing for the certainty that was gone. Negativity and fear was holding me back. I knew that I would never achieve success without overcoming it and I took a leap. Finally admitting that I needed help, I entrusted a life coach to help me move forward. Together we worked to improve my confidence and to turn my life around as I learned to find the courage to take control of my future.

Eventually we moved to London and started a family. A glimpse of sunlight permeated the fog of anxiety and doubt.

The impact of my coach was immeasurable. I decided that coaching would be my future; my way of giving back and helping people overcome challenges to develop a true sense of self, to harness the past in order to create a bright future. I had found my calling.  

Elham Peyfoon - Life Coach for Expats
Elham Peyfoon - Elite Life Coach

I knew that I wanted to build a business of my own and satisfy the leader inside me. I started to believe that I could make a real difference and I realised that I could use my own experience to help company owners and managers, especially those who had moved to the UK from the Middle East. I was inspired and driven to help people overcome challenges to lead their teams effectively to improve their performances.

And so I have made it my personal ambition to help individuals and companies achieve their ultimate potential. I have spent a decade empowering others to improve their lives and I’ve never looked back. Every project is centred on my own values of family, education and growth and I leave no stone unturned to ensure that these values are fulfilled.

My business is an extension of me; of my vision, my journey and my personal connection to the people I meet.

ElhamPeyfoon.com was born of a passion for helping people, harnessed by clarity of the steps and strategies required to overcome challenges. I look forward to taking you on the journey that brought me here – to success, happiness and fulfilment.

Elham Peyfoon - Stress and Anxiety
Elham Peyfoon - Confidence Coach

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