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1.Individual Leadership Coaching

Elham Peyfoon - Life Coach for Expats

Managers, CEOs and business owners often do not have anyone to turn to for advice or validation in the same way that mid-level employees do. As a coach I ask targeted questions in order to improve skills and performance. Individual coaching begins with forming a clear picture of your goals to enable us to work on your strengths in order to fulfil your true potential.

With 1-2-1 training I help support you to adopt new responsibilities; set goals and action plans to meet more ambitious milestones and to acknowledge and respect personality differences within teams you manage. Individual training will help you perform at your highest level, gain total clarity and become a remarkable leader, able to unleash the hidden potential in your workforce. I empower you to recruit great people; conduct regular and effective appraisals and improve recognition and motivation. I measure how you’re spending your time and coach you on building productive habits. I coach individuals to connect the issues in their personal life to their professional life and vice versa to eradicate the idea of a work-life balance and to help them understand that it’s vital to be fulfilled professionally to ensure that life as a whole becomes happier. I help company owners and managers achieve clarity and vision to see that no matter how much they are involved in day to day interaction with their employees, their leadership role sets them apart. I instil in them the confidence to lead effectively.

Individual training is ideally suited to:

• Owners, managers, CEOs and directors
• An individual aiming for a senior level job
• Small to medium sized business owners
• Entrepreneurs
• An individual who is planning to set up their own business

2. Team Coaching and training

Elham Peyfoon - Leadership Coach

I strive to create a greater sense of engagement within teams by increasing the quality of communication and commitment of individuals. There is always an element of personal development in teams and I offer bespoke training in a number of key areas including sales skills and time management. I specialise in gaining clarity by harnessing individual personalities to create a strong, bonded team with goals aligned to each other and to the business.

Benefits of team coaching include:

• Productive team meetings
• Organisational clarity on growing the team in line with business objectives
• A clear vision and culture
• Clearly defined roles
• Career development for individuals within teams
• Improved level of trust
• Aligned vision and purpose as a group
• Effective communication
• Ambitious yet realistic targets and key performance indicators
• Effective and regular appraisals
• Improvement in recognition and motivation

Team training is ideally suited to:

• Senior to mid-level teams in SMEs and start-ups across a wide range of industries
• Newly formed or underperforming teams across a range of sectors

How does it work?

I work with a team over a period of 3-6 months, implementing a programme to build trust and understanding between individuals.

We begin with a briefing session with each member of the team to understand what they hope to achieve through coaching and to assess their personal goals, personalities, strengths and challenges.

I address specific challenges within a team in order to improve relationships by offering expertise, perspective and accountability to enhance performance.  

Elham - peyfoon - Leadership Coach

What people say

If you have a chance to work with Elham you have to do it! She will help with any problems you have and really cares about her clients

John Lee | Entrepreuner | CEO Wealth Dragons

Elham is a highly driven and successful business entrepreneur with ample qualifications and experiences in her fields. She is a well-respected professional and has coached many of her clients successfully to meet their objectives. Having been Elham's mentor in public speaking, I am proud of her achievements and dedication to help others. I would highly recommend anyone wishing to work with Elham to embrace the opportunity to do so.

Vincent Wong | CEO | Wealth Dragons Group Plc | International Speaker and Best-Selling Author

I worked with Elham during her NLP Practitioner Certification. She was excellent, really knew her stuff and operated from the highest levels of integrity. I was proud to certify her as an NLP Practitioner and also recommend her for Certification as an NLP Coach, Time Line Therapy Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.

David Shephard | Founder of The Performance Partnership

Elham reflects her passion in human behaviour and professional development in her coaching ! She has a very effective product in team and leadership development! Her product is empowering and improves performance of the teams ! Highly recommend her coaching

Betty Yazdi | Managing Director-DFS Worldwide
Elham Peyfoon - Confidence Coach

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The safety and well-being of our clients are the utmost priority, therefore due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all coaching sessions will be conducted remotely until further notice.