Small Changes –Big Results

What is the one big challenge in your life?

There are probably a few things that you would like to change, but what is the one thing that occupies your mind over everything else? What are you thinking about right now?

In my previous blog, Beliefs – habits and how to change them, (link) I proposed a technique for changing our beliefs and internal programing to produce real results.

Changing our beliefs and values to obtain specific results is a transformational process that requires support and may take longer than you anticipate.

Sometimes the end result is so significant that you may feel you will end up changing your entire lifestyle and that many unknown aspects of your daily routine will be altered too. This can feel very overwhelming.

A quicker fix is to make a small change in your daily routine. One small change can result in a clearly noticeable result in a shorter time frame.

Let’s look at a plane’s flight-path to demonstrate how a tiny change can make a huge difference. A waypoint is a unique address for any point in the world. When a plane sets off from London to Tokyo, it has to stay on track, touching specific waypoints for 6000 miles. If it changes track on one single waypoint, which is equivalent to a few degrees, the plane can end up in Bangkok.

I experienced this with my health and fitness. I struggled to maintain my fitness for about a year due to my increasing workload. My stomach was painful and I gained a stone in weight. I truly believed that my diet had hardly changed and I could not explain how my weight and fitness were so drastically compromised. I began to install the belief that gaining weight is inevitable at a certain age, although I was seeing people all around me of similar age, or even older, who appeared fit, athletic and slim. I decided to observe my daily intake closely. I began to eat with more awareness and I realised the only one thing that had changed in the course of 12 months in my life (apart from age!) was my coffee intake. To cope with the amount of work and my tendency to procrastinate I had started to drink more coffee. I sometimes drank 4-5 cups of coffee a day. I decided to put that change on trial and observe the results. I stopped drinking coffee and within one week my stomach was back to its old happy self and my sleep patterns improved. Within 2 weeks my weight began to drop and I became more productive because I was suddenly more mindful and aware of the feeling that I would get before procrastinating. The additional bonus of course was saving money as my coffee shop habit disappeared. Win, win!

This positive result was due to my desire to become mindful and observant of my behaviour and my actions, rather than functioning on autopilot. If something is not working, observe closely and identify the one thing that you can afford to change right now and you will see outstanding results.

Elham Peyfoon - Confidence Coach

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